STGlobal Consortium is an international, interdisciplinary organization – managed by graduate student volunteers for graduate students – compromised of leading graduate programs in science and technology policy (STP) and science and technology studies (STS).  Our mission is:

"To inspire and challenge graduate students to contribute to the forefront of research on science and technology policy and social issues, and to foster mutual understanding in the S&T community"

STGlobal Conference: STGlobal presents an annual conference on “Science and Technology in Society” in collaboration with our Mission Partners, American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) and The National Academies. The conference develops emerging S&T scholars and promotes the academic and professional advancement of graduate students in the traditionally fragmented community of scholars working in S&T policy and social research. Presented each year in the spring, the conference attracts graduate students from around the world to present their research on STP and STS issues and related fields including but not limited to health, energy and environment, space, information and communications, innovation, education, and ethical, legal and social implications of science and technology. Every year, prominent figures from both STP and STS deliver keynote addresses.

Developing S&T Scholars and Professionals: Students receive constructive feedback on their research, learn about related research in other disciplines, and build national and international connections with one another, prominent scholars, and professionals. As an added benefit to attendees and participants, a portion of the conference is dedicated to career development, with representatives of government and non-government employers.

STGlobal Structure: STGlobal is comprised of dues-paying member universities. A volunteer Organizing Committee of graduate student representatives from each member university is responsible for leadership and the hands-on operations of the Consortium. Faculty Sponsors from each member school serve as mentors to their student representatives. For information on joining the STGlobal Consortium, please e-mail:


Consortium Members

                                                                    Arizona State University - Consortium for Science Policy and Outcomes     Drexel University - Center for Science, Technology and Society; Center for Public Policy     The George Washington University – Center for International Science and Technology Policy     Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University– Science and Technology in Society     Georgetown University – Communication, Culture & Technology     George Mason University – Center for Science and Technology Policy

Institutional Partners

                                                                                      American Association for the Advancement of Science         National Academies

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